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Hi friends,
It’s me again. And of course i’m back with another good things.

First, let me tell you something. About last month, my little bro (Ferrel “The Flash” Fadhil) breaks fastest Honda Brio 1.3 record with 1.57.8xxx in Sentul International Circuit. Yeah he was very happy with his achievement. Some says that it was unbelievable, but Ferrel finally made it. So let’s congratulate him!

Anyway this week he will compete again at International Sentul Series Of Motorsport with his Honda Brio 1.3. He told me that he will go even harder in this round. *fingerscrossed*

So today i went to Sentul International Circuit with him for some practice. The weather was okay, but later then it was raining in the evening. He said that he learns a lot from today’s practice, because he never try his car in rainy condition before.

So let’s take a look some of my pictures from today’s practice. Hope you like it!

Thanks a lot and till next time!
– Gilang Rahmadi