BMW Museum Photo Tour // Part 5 (BMW Race Cars)

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Hi nice to meet you again!
Welcome to the last part of this photo-tour. As i said in previous articles, i hope you guys having a good time while reading these articles. And for you who still new to this photo-tour or even new to ShookinStar, just click the link below below!
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So here we go. Part 5, it’s all about BMW’s Race Car. Are you guys excited for this part? Yeay! Let’s begin!

First, we got this mean looking race car. Yeah you can tell from its livery, it is the 2015-Season BMW M4 DTM, that belongs to BMW RBM Team. Agusto Farfus is the driver of this BMW M4. In 2015-Season he finished runner-up in Zandvoort and Oscherleben. And in the end he only got twelfth place in overall standings due to some technical problems. So let’s give him some more spirit!

Let’s move to this car. Yap it’s a bit older, and it’s a BMW E46 M3 GTR. This car has an P60B40 V8 engine under the hood, that produces over 440hp and 350nm of torque. However, have you heard how it sounds? If you haven’t heard it before, just click here. Warning headphones users.
If i’m not mistaken, this car has been used for endurance races. Like the 12h and also 24h races. Do you love it?

Next, we got this infamous E30 M3. Who doesn’t know this car. This M3 is one of the most successful Group A and also DTM Touring cars back in the old days. It’s so awesome to see this legendary car in person. I can’t even describe it in words, but you know how that feeling right?
However this E30 M3 reminds me of my friends. I’m glad and proud that i can feature this car. So shoutout to you bro!

Next to the E30 M3, i found this nice E21 320. Yeah shark-nose and boxed fenders! I know it’s just a little bit of awesomeness from the golden era of motorsport, but i was SO HAPPY to be there.
Actually i don’t really know much about this E21 race car. So sorry guys i can’t tell you anything about it.

So, this is the last car, 1966 BMW 2000ti. Look how nice that thing is! I really love the way it looks. Bumperless makes it look more natural and clean. Do you agree with me?
However, this car had been raced by Hubert Hahne in the European Touring Car Championship in 1996. This 2000ti has a 2000cc inline-6 engine that produces over 120hp. And do you know, this car was only available with a 4-speed manual transmission. Well, there is something a little bit strange for me, because the rear seat was still on the car. Hmmm, is it because of the ETCC race’s regulation at that time?
Okay never mind, this car is still awesome!

So that was it. ShookinStar’s BMW Museum Photo Tour!
I hope you guys enjoy it!
Hopefully i can explore more and do a lot of car feature for you guys.

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My big thanks goes to all of you!
– Gilang Rahmadi