50 Jahre Autohaus Vasold BMW M2 Edition // ShookinStar

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50 Jahre Autohaus Vasold BMW M2 Edition #vsld BMW M2 Mit #airliftperformance und 20“ #BBS LM inkl BMW Performance Parts


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Hello friends! Yes i’m back again with some photos just for you guys. Curious? Scroll down! So, yesterday i was at Überfest’16 meet-up event, that held in Sachsenring. I have to say, my 3 hours of journey from Regensburg was totally worth! It’s such a really nice event. There were a lot of cool cars and nice people. Especially, Philipp. Shout out to you Bro! What are you waiting for? Come take a look! DANKE! – Gilang Rahmadi Putra


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Hello guys, Glad to be back again. How was your life? Are you ready for Summer?! Come on, go outside… Cold drinks are waiting for you~ So anyway, few days ago i went to an meet-up-event in Deggendorf. I travelled alone by train and it tooks about an hour or so from Regensburg. Honestly, i’ve never been there before, but as soon as i arrived… I fell in love with the city! Seriously! So don’t waste your time by reading my words. Relax and just enjoy the pictures! – Gilang…read more

Ahmad F. Alam // AHT Garage (AMF Surabaya)

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Ahmad F. Alam X AHT Garage’s journey at AMF Surabaya. Hope you like it!

1. Mark Offenes Tuning-Treffen In Regensburg

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Hello friends, How are ya? So yesterday i was at the “1. Mark Offenes Tuning-Treffen In Regensburg“. It was an general Car Meet-Up event. Although it’s their first event, but the event was going well. The weather was also quite nice. Anyway thanks to the organising committee and also to all of the participant. Okay then, i’ll show you some pictures that i took. Have fun! Hope you like it. See you later guys! – Gilang Rahmadi Putra

Bimmer Scene Regensburg Fachsimpeln Meet

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Hi everyone, it’s now spring! How are you guys? Do you enjoy this season? I hope you do, spring is awesome bro! So here i live now, in Regensburg (Bavaria). Regensburg is a city in south-east Germany. Regensburg is the fourth-largest town in the State of Bavaria after Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg. So i think it’s really cool! Okay let me show you some picts from yesterday. Yeah just like i said, yesterday i was in Bimmer-Scene-Regensburg Fachsimpeln Meet. It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. The weather was warm and…read more

Drift Plus Plus!

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Here are some photo from Drift++ two weeks ago the event is great, so many people came there. hope there are more drift event this year. enjoy the photo guys.

Drift++ // Dem’s Autotechnic

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Take a look at Dem’s Autotechnic Team From Drift++ Event.

Dem’s Autotechnic: Ramadhan Practice

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watch Dem’s Autotechnic and friends teams doing practice together last month enjoy!

Ramadhan Drift Practice [Part 2]

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