Weekend Driveout

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Hi all, Let me introduce you to this great-looking Toyota Altezza RS200 As we all know, Toyota has made a lot of good-looking cars back in the 90’s, such as 86 Corolla, Mark IV Supra, MR2 W2, etc. And yes, we all agree that they’re all charismatic and iconic. So here, let’s take a closer look to my friend’s clean Toyota Altezza RS200


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Upcoming blogpost teaser!

Double Daily! Audi x BMW

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Audi X BMW


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Seriously, thanks for coming by, Zidan As an automotive enthusiast, we all know… it’s not really a big deal, how far we drive, or even how we drive. The thing is, as soon we hop in the car, the fun begins! Hope to meet you again someday. Just don’t ever be afraid to say Hi, even to stranger! As long as you being polite, we are all happy. And here are some photos for you! —

FERREL FADHIL – POLE POSITION AGAIN! // ISSOM 2017 RD. 2 (Watch Studio Racing Team)

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Hi friends, this is me again And of course I’m back with good news on ISSOM Rd.2 2017. as usual I came to this event to support our good friend Ferrel Fadhil, here I do not regret for coming to this event because he fights with a very competitive and aggressive in the race this time. very exciting! Finally! Can you guess it? Yeah, Ferrel finally made it! He finished in 2nd (HJSC) and 3rd (ITCC). Well done bro, well done! We are proud of you! Just take a look…read more

Season Open Sunday by VAG Scene Oberpfalz

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Earlier today, i came to an event that was successfully organized by the VAG Scene Oberpfalz team. The event (Season Open Sunday) was held in Hagebaumarkt parking lot, Regenstauf. As you guys might know, i’ve been to this event for several times. But to be honest, this time i’m really amazed by how the car community has grown up. Yup this is serious, bro. The parking lot was packed! Old, Modern, Asian, European and even American car brand were also there. This kind of moment is something hard to see…read more

Look Book: Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2 at Qbig

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Look Book: Japanese Wheels Meet Up 2 at Qbig April 8th, 2017

Season Open Regensburg (Powered by VW Scene Regensburg)

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Oh yeah Spring has come and finally it’s time to rise and shine! On 1st of April 2017, VW Scene Regensburg has successfully managed an local meet-up event in Regensburg. The event was held in Continental Arena, Regensburg. People seems loving this kind of meet-up after the long winter break. A lot of cool cars attended this event. And anyway, all kind of car-brands are allowed in this event, even motorbikes! That’s really cool, huh. So let’s check those cool cars that i’ve mentioned before. Hope you like it! –…read more

FERREL FADHIL – NEW CAR NEW POTENTIAL // ISSOM 2017 RD. 1 (Watch Studio Racing Team)

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ISSOM 2017 new season has just begun! And one of our friends, Ferrel Fadhil finally came back for a new experience. He will compete with the Honda Jazz new GK5 built by Asco Motorsport this season he with Watch Studio Racing Team (WSRT), and also get support by the Indonesian Yellow speed racing, Condottin Watch, and GTradial Indonesia. He was disappointed because he should have been in rising star class but somehow during the event at the beginning he was active in a master class. Yet he never gave up…read more


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HEY! Yeah finally i’m back again with another “One Fine Summer Evening“. As you guys can read and see, this time will be Ferrel Fadhil’s turn to get featured. Have you seen his BMW 330i before? Let’s take a closer look and remember, don’t be afraid to honk at him when you meet him on the street! PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 Thanks – Gilang Rahmadi