Meet-Up: German Low Fly 2019

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RWA BBQ 2019 / RidersWithAttitude

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Hi y’all, On a fine warm evening, there is nothing to do other than enjoying it. Right? Food was really delicious, and drinks are more than enough! It was really nice to be able to spend my time with you guys. Big shoutout to you Brandan, thanks a lot brother!

Season Open Regensburg 2019 hosted by Road Brothers Bavaria x Bavarian Kustomz

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Look, another new video from us! This time, an event hosted by Road Brothers Bavaria and Bavarian Kustomz Hope you enjoy it!

(VIDEO) Season Open Regensburg 2019

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After a long winter break, this season is officially open! *Yeay* Please enjoy my video of Season Open Regensburg 2019 by VAG Scene Oberpfalz


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Seriously, thanks for coming by, Zidan As an automotive enthusiast, we all know… it’s not really a big deal, how far we drive, or even how we drive. The thing is, as soon we hop in the car, the fun begins! Hope to meet you again someday. Just don’t ever be afraid to say Hi, even to stranger! As long as you being polite, we are all happy. And here are some photos for you! —

Short Gateway to Ujung Kulon (VIDEO)

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Luthfi Aziz X ShookinStar Camping Trip to Ujung Kulon Special Thanks To: Luthfi Aziz XCTOS SAMARAUKE Kang Sambel Video by:

v.sld industries 2017

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v.sld industries Haager Str. 18, 93155 Hemau

Season Open Sunday by VAG Scene Oberpfalz

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Earlier today, i came to an event that was successfully organized by the VAG Scene Oberpfalz team. The event (Season Open Sunday) was held in Hagebaumarkt parking lot, Regenstauf. As you guys might know, i’ve been to this event for several times. But to be honest, this time i’m really amazed by how the car community has grown up. Yup this is serious, bro. The parking lot was packed! Old, Modern, Asian, European and even American car brand were also there. This kind of moment is something hard to see…read more

Season Open Regensburg (Powered by VW Scene Regensburg)

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Oh yeah Spring has come and finally it’s time to rise and shine! On 1st of April 2017, VW Scene Regensburg has successfully managed an local meet-up event in Regensburg. The event was held in Continental Arena, Regensburg. People seems loving this kind of meet-up after the long winter break. A lot of cool cars attended this event. And anyway, all kind of car-brands are allowed in this event, even motorbikes! That’s really cool, huh. So let’s check those cool cars that i’ve mentioned before. Hope you like it! –…read more


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Ahey fellas! I would like to welcome you to the series of “One Fine Summer Evening“. I know, you might be wondering what actually it’s all about. So basically it’s just my spontaneous idea. I just want to share with you some of my friend’s cars, that captured nicely in one fine summer evening. So without further ado, let’s start with Azka Wara See you in the next part! Thanks – Gilang Rahmadi