FERREL FADHIL – POLE POSITION AGAIN! // ISSOM 2017 RD. 2 (Watch Studio Racing Team)

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Hi friends, this is me again And of course I’m back with good news on ISSOM Rd.2 2017. as usual I came to this event to support our good friend Ferrel Fadhil, here I do not regret for coming to this event because he fights with a very competitive and aggressive in the race this time. very exciting! Finally! Can you guess it? Yeah, Ferrel finally made it! He finished in 2nd (HJSC) and 3rd (ITCC). Well done bro, well done! We are proud of you! Just take a look…read more

FERREL FADHIL – NEW CAR NEW POTENTIAL // ISSOM 2017 RD. 1 (Watch Studio Racing Team)

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ISSOM 2017 new season has just begun! And one of our friends, Ferrel Fadhil finally came back for a new experience. He will compete with the Honda Jazz new GK5 built by Asco Motorsport this season he with Watch Studio Racing Team (WSRT), and also get support by the Indonesian Yellow speed racing, Condottin Watch, and GTradial Indonesia. He was disappointed because he should have been in rising star class but somehow during the event at the beginning he was active in a master class. Yet he never gave up…read more


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Hi there, whatcha doin’? Come here, let’s take a look at the last ISSOM event. The fifth round of ISSOM was held in Sentul International Circuit yesterday. I went there to support my lil’ bro Ferrel and also my friend Dhandhan. Okay, Let me invite you to see ‘Ferrel’s fight back’. The story begin from Thursday, when Ferrel hits the track for some practice. As we all know, more practice makes us more confidence, so was Ferrel thought’s. But suddenly something happen. The gear lever was broke. And because of…read more


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Hi friends, It’s me again. And of course i’m back with another good things. First, let me tell you something. About last month, my little bro (Ferrel “The Flash” Fadhil) breaks fastest Honda Brio 1.3 record with 1.57.8xxx in Sentul International Circuit. Yeah he was very happy with his achievement. Some says that it was unbelievable, but Ferrel finally made it. So let’s congratulate him! Anyway this week he will compete again at International Sentul Series Of Motorsport with his Honda Brio 1.3. He told me that he will go…read more


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Hello friends! Yes i’m back again with some photos just for you guys. Curious? Scroll down! So, yesterday i was at Überfest’16 meet-up event, that held in Sachsenring. I have to say, my 3 hours of journey from Regensburg was totally worth! It’s such a really nice event. There were a lot of cool cars and nice people. Especially, Philipp. Shout out to you Bro! What are you waiting for? Come take a look! DANKE! – Gilang Rahmadi Putra

BMW Museum Photo Tour // Part 5 (BMW Race Cars)

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Hi nice to meet you again! Welcome to the last part of this photo-tour. As i said in previous articles, i hope you guys having a good time while reading these articles. And for you who still new to this photo-tour or even new to ShookinStar, just click the link below below! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 So here we go. Part 5, it’s all about BMW’s Race Car. Are you guys excited for this part? Yeay! Let’s begin! First, we got this mean looking race car….read more

BMW Museum Photo Tour // Part 4 (X Series, 3 Series Touring and 6 Series)

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Heyho! Welcome to the fourth part of this photo-tour! Click here for previous parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 So how you guys doin’? Still curious? Wanna see more BMW’s? Lol Okay let’s do this fourth part! Yap now we will talk about BMW X-Series, 3-Series Touring(F31) and also 6-Series. Let’s roll! So before going to the X-Series, let’s take a look at this cool BMW 330d Touring. Yes, it’s a Touring version or also know as Wagon. It’s bigger, so it has more space? Yeah, of course! This…read more


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Hi people, You know what? I’m in Indonesia right now! Yeah it makes me really happy to be here. Actually from the end of July i’m already here in Indonesia, but i was too busy with my activities. (sorry) So, right now i’m back again and want to share something with you! and yes, it’s all about Indonesian Car Scene Today, i went to RAYSNATION meet-up at Alam Sutera. Yeah, it’s where all the Rays-Wheels-Lover gather, sharing and also trading the wheels to each other. Actually i’m also one of…read more

Fadil’s BRZ by Crawford Performance

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To make a high-performance car is not something easy, therefore our friend “Fadil” trusts Crawford Performance and AHT Garage to help him on his Subaru BRZ project.

AHT Garage 2015: Vol.2 Is Up!

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It’s really good to see AHT Garage Team back in the game again, and finished it with good result! congratulation!