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Hi there, whatcha doin’?
Come here, let’s take a look at the last ISSOM event.

The fifth round of ISSOM was held in Sentul International Circuit yesterday. I went there to support my lil’ bro Ferrel and also my friend Dhandhan. Okay, Let me invite you to see ‘Ferrel’s fight back’.

The story begin from Thursday, when Ferrel hits the track for some practice. As we all know, more practice makes us more confidence, so was Ferrel thought’s. But suddenly something happen. The gear lever was broke. And because of that, Ferrel only did two session of practice.

On Friday the car was back in normal condition and the problem was solved. He went back again to the track for another practice session. But Ferrel told me, that he wasn’t satisfied with the car setup. So he talks to the whole team and they re-arranged the car setup.

This kind of problem never happened to him before. His car was always fine and he was always the fastest. But let’s be real, as a human being we’ll never know what will happen. Right?

So on Saturday (qualifying day), Ferrel was the 2nd fastest qualifier in HBSC and also ITCC. But something you have to know, actually it was in a ‘gearbox failure’ condition. Cool huh?
To solve that problem his team have to re-asembly the gearbox and it makes him have to start far away from behind, i mean the last grid. Yes, it’s bad 🙁

Finally the race-day! Can you guess it? Yeah, Ferrel finally made it!
He finished in 5th (HBSC) and 2nd (ITCC).
Well done bro, well done!

Let’s enjoy some picts from the whole story!

– Gilang Rahmadi