Outdoors, It’s Fun!

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Hi i’m Abi. a few months ago my friend, Gilang, introduce me to shookinstar.com. And so i’ve joined them since then. And yeah, I’m glad to be a part of it. Ok, this is my umpteenth video after I contribute in other videos. From Honda Fun Day’s and also AMF Surabaya’s video i’ve learned a lot of things. Gilang and Heral taught me a couple things that i don’t know earlier.

So last time, i was with Gilang and Ananda. We were cruising around BSD City and we were stopped by an empty Off-Road track. And then we decided to have a quick Photoshoot there. Actually it wasn’t only a photoshoot, because i made also a short video. So please take a look



– Muhamad Abiyyu Rifqi