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Hi everyone,
After this long winter-break i’m so happy and grateful to be back again and of course i’m excited for the 2016 car-season! 😀
How was your 2016 so far? Everything alright? Interesting? Or it’s even boring?
Mine was so interesting so far. You guys might asking why, it’s because the weather have changed and getting better. Yes right now it’s early spring season here in Germany.

Anyway i wanna introduce some friends of mine from Regenstauf to you guys. As seen in the tittle, they’re VIOLENTCLIQUE Member. Never heard about it? Go search their Facebook-FanPage or Instagram, give ’em likes and make sure to follow their accounts.

To be honest, i think it will be boring if i write too much about these awesome cars, because they’re just amazing. So take your time, enjoy!

So that’s all from me and my friends, i hope you love it.
Be ready for another amazing content in this 2016 Season. I love you!

– Gilang Rahmadi Putra